Who we are

We are Ply Meridian.
We connect Nature with Humanity.

A leader in the Plywood Industry

Ply Meridian is an optimum Plywood manufacturers in South India. We strive to provide different varieties of Plywoods in the industry. Our products makes a mark in the Plywood industry, where people accepts our wood form with flying colours. Our products crosses the Arabian Ocean and Mighty Himalayas to foreign countries.

We provide 100% Gurjan Plywood in the field. Our plywood is strong, durable, convenient, affordable, uniform, decorative and most of all, Highly Pleasing. Our qualified team along with our high standard modern machineries can do wonders in Plywood production. Ply Meridian can handle large scale manufacturing of plywood with this team, ensuring worthwhile and beneficial production to meet the present demands in the industry. Everything we have, everything we bring, everything we give, is always well founded.

Our goal is Your satisfaction. We carefully choose the best and most natural that give amazing results.

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